Bubblegum Betty

Monday, January 8, 2018

Spring Break 2017

I LOVE Spring Break!!!  Well...let's be real...I love any break that we get during the school year!  It's just so nice to be off work and take a break from our normal, busy, schedule and be able to sit back and take a break from our everyday, hectic lives.  We never really do anything, which sounds lame, but it's SO nice!  Plus, Cody has to work.  So, it would really be no fun for S and I to take some awesome vacation and him be stuck at home.  Maybe when she's older we can start a new tradition of going to Dallas and staying in a fancy hotel for a a night or two and going to the spa and do girly things.  But for now, we'll stay home and snuggle with the puppies, play dress up, make cakes, spend time with friends, go to the mall, snuggle, and do whatever else S wants to do!  Cody and I did take one day to ourselves and I took S to school.  We decided to go have lunch at the Beehive and then go see a movie in the middle of the day.  It was so nice to be able to spend a few hours together during the middle of the day.  We do that about once a year...during Spring Break.  Haha!  We should do that more...  Having a little one that's incredibly attached to her mama makes time alone with the hubs pretty hard.  And...let's be real...that mama is pretty attached to that little girl!  Any time I have off, I really just want to soak up all the time off I have with her because I know how quickly the time is going and there will be one day when it's Spring Break and she is going to be driving off to go do her own things with her friends.  So, for now, in this season, I'll spend my every waking (and sleeping) moments with her because she's my whole world!  I also love Spring Break because that means we are one step closer to summer.  And...there is nothing that a teacher loves more than SUMMER BREAK!!!  Needless to say...it was such a great break and I don't think I could think of a better way to spend Spring Break of 2017.  Here's to summer coming soon!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Last year's Valentine's Day was really tough on our little family.  The day before, on February 13th, we had to put our sweet Hopey girl down.  Technically, Hope was my little brother's dog.  But, she was our family dog for 13 years and she was something special.  We got Hope my freshman year in college, Michael was in 7th grade.  I lived at home through college, and up until I got married, so Hope was such a big part of my home life.  In fact, she used to sleep at the foot of my bed every night.  She would curl up in the tightest little ball of sweet, yellow, fur and would snuggle in right up against my feet.  I remember the night before Cody and I got married and it was my last night in the house, feeling sad that that would be the last night that my sweet Hope would snuggle up at the end of my bed by my feet.  It makes me tear up thinking about it now because I know that she will never do that again.  But, then, I also know that she isn't in pain anymore and she is playing in Heaven and has made it over the Rainbow Bridge.  She lived such a good life and I know that she knew how loved she was.  We all still miss her to this day, she was the best of the best.

Even though we were all so sad about Hope, we still managed to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Mainly because we didn't want Seiden to miss out just because we were sad.  No need to ruin her fun!  My sweet Mimi had sent her a Valentine's Day package in the mail and she was SO excited to receive it, open it, snuggle with the bear, read the card, and wear the cute outfit she got her!  She also got a few presents from us and from my parents.  And, I had made her some V-Day pj's and an outfit for her to wear to school on Valentine's for her school party.  After school was over, we decided to just order dinner in because of the crowds and I was just really in no mood to go out.  I had spent most of the day crying off and on and all I wanted to do was take a shower and get the day off of me and snuggle in with my family and just be at home together.  So, Cody and Seiden went to pick up Outback, which was delish.  After dinner, we watched part of a movie and called it an early night.  Valentine's Day 2017 might have not been the most romantic of days, but hey, that's real life people.  We were all together and that's all that really matters!